Jane Eyre for Costumelims

Round 06 Sign-up Extension!

I apologize! I didn't mean to disappear without a word, but life has been super crazy as of late. The good thing is it is starting to slow down again. I've extended Round 06 sign-ups until May 26th-so that's a little over a month to earn your extra skips and promote the community.

Please sign-up here. Thank you!
Jane Eyre for Costumelims

Round 06 Sign-Ups!

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Sign-ups for Rounds 6 are now open. For those of you who are new to the community, all of our themes will have a historical setting or related to history in some way. Our cut off point from history is up to 1975 with the end of the Vietnam War.

Please remember to read rules in the profile before posting your name here. This is very important!

Any skill level is welcome to join and participate.

The deadline for signing up for the Round 6 is Saturday, May 26th at 6 pm EST. I am hoping for at least 10 to 20 participants, if we have that many by the deadline the first challenge will be posted at that time. Sign ups will remain open until the entries for the first challenge are due. If you have not posted your name here by that time you will not be able to participate. If we do not have enough participants by that date it will be extended.

REMEMBER: You are automatically granted ONE SKIP after signing up, but it can ONLY be used after you've entered the first challenge. EVERYONE on the list MUST enter the first challenge. If you don't you will be disqualified.

EARNING EXTRA SKIPS: Please make sure to leave a comment here if you have promoted the community and wish to have your extra skip credited to you.

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