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Round 05-Final Challenge!

Information for Challenge 12 is under the cut. Please read the directions for each section and ask any questions you may have. You have two weeks to submit your entries. Have fun and good luck!

Challenge 1-Geometric Shapes
The icon must use shapes (circles, squares, triangles) in its composition.
Example: (credit: erzsebet)

Challenge 2-Faceless
The icon must be cropped so you cannot see the face (make sure whatever cap you chose you cannot see the subject's face)
Example: (credit: winterlillies)

Challenge 3-Aerial
Icons should have a perspective of looking downward at the subject from far away-this isn't the same as negative space.
Example: (credit: justmyb0nes)

Challenge 4-Two images
Using the image below you will submit TWO icons that are different. ONE will have the background replaced and the other icon is your choice of making.

Challenge 5-Promo
Using your own choice of images, textures, etc you will be creating a promo banner & matching icon. The words on the banner must be: costumelims, a last icon maker standing, & round 6. Size is up to you, but must not exceed 400x400.

To Recap:
1. One icon that features a geometric shape such as a circle, square, triangle (choice of image up to you).
2. One icon made from one image that is faceless (choice of image up to you).
3. One icon with an aerial view in which the perspective is looking down towards the subject (choice of image up to you).
4. Two icons with the supplied image both vastly different- 1). the background must be replaced & 2). Second composition of icon is to you.
5. One promo banner with a matching icon. Must not exceed 400x400 (choice of image up to you).

-Icons must meet LJ's standards (100x100px or smaller; no animation)
-Icons must be new and cannot be posted anywhere until results are announced
-You may only participate if you are narniacmr & visionsbeyond
-Deadline for entry is Friday, September 23rd at 4 pm (EST).
-Questions? Feel free to ask & if you cannot meet the deadline-let me know in advance and I'll work something out with you.
-Remember: Our cut off point is 1975 with the end of the Vietnam War.
-Please use the following to submit entries:

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