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Round 05 / Challenge 11 Voting!

We have 3 beautiful icons. Voting for Challenge 11 is under the cut. Please read the voting instructions before you vote. Feel free to ask people to come and vote, but do not ask people to vote for you! visionsbeyond, kolibrichen & narniacmr cannot vote.

I would appreciate it if all members of the community vote regardless of your participation in this round.

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GOT: Bday Robb-please don't take

Challenge 11 Reminder!

A friendly reminder that entries for Challenge 11 are due on Sunday, September 4th at 9 pm EST.. See your time here. Please submit here.

Let me know of any problems or if you are planning to use a skip. Please note: You must submit if you no longer have any skips left or you'll be disqualified.
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Challenge 10 Results!

Results for Challenge 10 are under the cut-thank you to everyone who voted. As always it is difficult to eliminate anyone.

If you want the comments to your icon, reply to this post with the number of your icon and I will give it to you via a screened comment.

Information for Challenge 11 will be posted shortly.

Note: If you were eliminated please continue to take part in the community with voting.

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